Rachel Frazier-Kimber and her team understand the dilemma of a life sciences or health care candidate who may have a nontraditional background, or look “under-qualified” or “overqualified” on paper, while still possessing unique skills and experience.

As a result of so much time on the candidate side of the table, we see the process from both sides and know what hiring managers are seeking. Résumés are only sent with candidate consent, with honesty and transparency around reasonable expectations.

If you excel as an individual contributor, manager, or leader who is agile, supports others, and is culture-aware, we can help you find the right role. Our clients/employers seek mid- and senior-level professionals for public and private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. We welcome résumés from sales, marketing, finance/accounting, and supply chain experts.

In the midst of this pandemic, virtual interviews, work spaces, and remote communication are a reality. We can help ensure that you are well-prepared throughout the search process.

Whether you are new or returning to the job market, Rachel Frazier-Kimber and her team’s insights on the right position(s) to target, and advice on polishing your documents and presentation, can all be key to winning the mid-to-senior level position you’ve been seeking. We understand the industry in which you work, and can suggest other avenues of exploration than those on your original list, if warranted.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) can sometimes be barriers to “breaking through” to make your case. By working with RFK, you are dealing with people who understand what you have to offer, and can help you communicate it. Your success is also ours. We look forward to learning more about you.

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