Medical and Life Sciences
Recruitment from Both Sides

RFK now connects diverse and transformative life sciences and health care professionals with progressive organizations.

We focus on mid- to senior-level roles in sales, marketing, finance/accounting, logistics, and operations.

We create value for organizations and facilitate access to meaningful opportunities for professionals in the field. We help employers structure positions and fill personnel gaps, and we support candidates who can make a difference.

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Why RFK?

We offer candidates more than access to select positions. We can advise you on targeting and best presenting your “product” in a new hiring environment. Just as health care reimbursement is increasingly “value-based,” your case as a candidate requires solid evidence. In lean times, demonstrating “fit,” your understanding of what your potential employer faces, and concrete evidence of your productivity are all at issue.

For client companies, we leverage years inside the industry to bring strategic and tactical skillsets into structuring and offering positions. We will not accept a work order without a reasonable probability of success; time is too short. Instead, we will help you refine what is being faced out, to everyone’s advantage.

RFK Connects Changemakers

We are well-versed on the financial, regulatory, and clinical challenges that providers, payers, and vendors face, and will be here to support your goals.

The shift to greater use of telemedicine and other forms of virtual care, such as biometrics-powered disease management, carries opportunities and risks. Likewise, the potential of AI, IoT-aware devices, and deep learning-powered applications to address myriad diseases and conditions, ultimately affects every organization.

As platform technology transforms life sciences product development, and new models of care drive portfolios, agile and persistent hires are the keys to success.

If you’re committed to life sciences and health care excellence as a hiring employer or a potential employee, let’s connect!

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  • Rachel was professional, engaging, enthusiastic and represented Galderma extremely well. She kept me updated in a clear and timely manner throughout the entire process. Hats off to Rachel for being a true professional and making my experience first class.

    - M. Baldyga
  • Rachel is an exceptional recruiter. It has been a true pleasure to work with her. She came onto the AccentCare team and quickly learned the company history, culture and spent a great deal of time and energy learning her managers individual needs for their areas. Her role was particularly challenging because she did sales for the entire company. So where most of us only had to learn a certain territory of the country, our competitors, salary issues, etc., she had to do that for multiple offices in 13 different states. That is a daunting challenge and she met it with a smile. I have truly enjoyed working with Rachel.

    - V. Zink
  • I had the pleasure of working with Rachel and appreciated her professionalism and depth of knowledge. She was forthright but with wit and compassion a unique trait for a recruiter. I highly recommend Rachel!

    - J. Suranie
  • Rachel does a fantastic job of recruiting/ “seeking and finding” talent to bring to AccentCare. She is very informative and very communicative in each step of the interview process. Rachel is a great representation for AccentCare as she really does a great job in sharing the mission and vision of the organization to prospective ee’s. Two high Fives to Rachel

    - R. Mabe
  • Rachel was so easy to work with and very personable. I was first contacted by Rachel to interview for the company where I now serve as an Account Executive. She was fairly new to her role at the time, but was diligent to answer all of my questions and/or find answers if she wasn't certain. I appreciated her sincere demeanor and genuine care and concern. As a side note, she also has a fantastic voice over the phone! Rachel is certainly an asset to the recruiting team, and has a bright future ahead of her.

    - T. Crouch
  • Rachel helped guide me all the way through the interview process to finally landing the job with Accentcare. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insight into a new role. Taking a new position is always a little daunting but she made the process smooth and enjoyable.

    - M. Ferraro
  • Rachel is a seasoned and one of a kind recruiter. I have met many recruiters but not one prepared me for the interview as Rachel did. She's able to get you to open up to what is important for you as well as the company she represents and she does this in a personable yet professional manner. Privileged to have worked with her.

    - R. Lampkin
  • Rachel did A great job preparing me for the interview process. She was very professional and informative. I highly recommend her!!

    - E. Ray